Friday, April 13, 2012

Otra cosilla que recien busque ayer. La version a color de la Noche Del elefante. cuento del recien fallecido Gustavo Roldán (DEP)
Creo que fue el primer libro ilustrado que hice en , como, una semana. Para llegar lo hice todo digital y fundi los colores con la smudge tool del photoshop (nunca mas)
Perdon por la mala calidad, la camara de mi celular no es de lo mejor.

y para completar el post, un gatito que se cree superheroe. A ver si me sale un cuento con esto, o tal vez un comic para niños.


José A. García said...

Excelente la ilustración del gato!



Anonymous said...

Sorry for abusing this blog, but to comment on Luka's Journey requires a registration, which this blog doesn't.
First of all, thanks for publishing this wonderful webcomic. I followed it even before the reboot. And even more thanks for publishing it in English, too. That relieves me from asking my son for a translation every time ;)
The drawings are virtually flawless. Even though they appear to be pencil-only you mange to bring in a lot of variety and diversity. The perspectives you show your characters from are stunning.
Sorry to nitpick, but I think it should read "underestimate" in panel 3 of page 85.


Dolo Okecki said...

Gracias Jose!
Thanks Frisian for the feedback, I always forget to autocorrect the english version, Ill do so as soon I get to the files.
Does the Luka blog requires to register or only the archive page? I will check the settings from the blog so its easier. You're like, the 2nd one who comments the comic lol.